Plumbing 101: Everything you Need to Know about Plumbing Repair and Maintenance

There is nothing more annoying than dealing with leaking pipes and faulty sinks. This definitely requires immediate action. If you don’t, it can ruin the entire house and expect to pay more on utility bills. This is why our team strongly recommends finding a reputable renovation plumbing services in your area. To point you to the right direction, here’s a guideline you may follow:

Look for DIY plumbing repair projects

For the meantime, you need to stick to DIY projects. Take note that anything you read in handy magazines or online are just temporary solutions. If you need to buy items at the hardware, make sure to get the exact measurements. This is to ensure you’re getting the right products.

Hiring a licensed plumber: Maximise your options

Before you hire a plumber, it is best to make a background check. Consider their experience and make sure they are licensed. Ask for initial quotation and compare the rates they offer from other service provider. They should provide a detailed price list of the items you need for your plumbing system. It is also recommended to include other expenses like installation fees, plumbing materials, and maintenance.

Use your network

For sure, your friends and neighbours can vouch for some of the best plumbers in town. Ask them about their experience so you can easily gauge the quality of their services. This will help you choose an efficient service provider.

Review the terms and condition

Never sign anything without reading the policies. The best thing about hiring a reputable service provider is they usually provide insurance to their clients. Just make sure to check the coverage to avoid discrepancies and other issues in the future.

Get your house inspected

It is also advisable to get your house inspected by a professional before and after the renovation. Correct drainage is key to avoiding issues on the exterior of the building, so make sure this is a priority before onset of the rainy season. This is to ensure everyone’s safety and to calibrate the quality of work.

Other tips you enforce to your home

Leaking pipes and faulty showers can really get under your skin. This can not only ruin home fixtures, but can also burn holes into your pockets on utility bills. So, if you want to keep your pipe system run in good condition, make sure to follow these tips, as well:

Tip #1: Improve your garbage disposal

Improving your garbage disposal can prevent future clogging. Avoid pouring cooking grease into drains—when it cools it also hardens inside leading to major clogging. So make sure to remove food scraps out of kitchen. Consider installing screens over drains in showers and tubs. Clean the area regularly.

Tip #2: Replace old fixtures

Check the condition of your fixtures. Make sure everything is working—from your outdoor faucets to kitchen sinks and shower rooms. Consider replacing those old fixtures when needed. Keep in mind that DIY repair projects may only solve the problem temporarily. You still need to replace those dripping shower knobs.

Tip #3: Install faucet washers

Installing faucet washers can help prevent leaks. Make sure to choose durable materials and make sure it can last for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll end up replacing the washers over and over again.

These are just some of the things you need to consider when hiring a plumber. Again, always check the credential of your service providers to make sure you’re in good hands.